We Power Brands

Power Brands is a supplier of promotional products which services the professional distributors of promotional products by helping the distributor sell products which create added value for their customers .

About Power Brands

Premium-quality promotional paperclips, designed and produced in Europe with fully customizable features – from the shape to the imprint itself. Little things mean a lot and Markclip is the prime example.

Designed to be a potent element of every promotional operation – the Customized Originals line is suited for those who want to make a strong impression. Customizable, practical and made from high quality materials which makes the impact long-lasting.

What makes us exceptional

Instant recognizability

We believe that everything starts from a well-tailored brand. Let us help the business grow.

Premium quality and service

Client’s happiness is the ultimate goal for Power Brands BV. We are always willing to go the extra mile.

We do not sell to end users

Multi-national environment is where we excel. And with excellent communication boundaries do not exist.

Perfect design

Beautiful things come in every size and shape. Our mission is to deliver the one that fits your needs best.

We talk and serve our Cients in seven languages.