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About Markclip

Premium-quality promotional paperclips, designed and produced in Europe with fully customizable features – from the shape to the imprint itself. Made from high-quality German steel, coated with eco-friendly paint and protective lacquer, cut and printed by well-experienced Polish specialists, the Markclip products are the finest way to promote brands in the smallest of forms. The variety of available shapes, almost limitless possibilities of colourful print and a feeling of something practical yet smart and elegant make our paper clips a leader on the market. Little things mean a lot and Markclip is the prime example.

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About Customized Originals

Designed to be a potent element of every promotional operation – the Customized Originals line is suited for those who want to make a strong impression. Products from this line are produced in Poland, from the finest components made in-house or delivered from leading suppliers. If there is a perfect way to express yourself while still being practical, professional and elegant, we believe that the Customized Originals brand is just that. Promotional products never looked classier. Customizable, practical and made from high quality materials which makes the impact long-lasting.

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